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Misconception with Auto insurances

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Auto Coverage

Insurance is a very complex product and is obligatory to have in the majority of the states. There are many misunderstandings in the market that can complicate the situation more. Before purchasing a policy, or even after purchase, it is always good to read each line of coverage to make sure that you understand what you committed to. Also, verify the price for coverage solicited to you is the same as you agreed to pay.

Most common errors that consumers have when interpreting the insurance policies:

Imagine that you have total coverage under my policy- In reality, total coverage does not exist. This is a term that is often used to describe having complete coverage against collisions for your vehicle. Often, the consumers misinterpret the policy assuming they are covered against all types of damages in any situation. For example, just because you have a policy with complete coverage against collisions does not mean that customized parts will be covered on your vehicle. Damages done to glass windows, or rental cars will not covered.

Can I use my coverage for renting an automobile while mine is being fixed at the auto body for mechanical repairs?

If your automobile is at the auto body shop, it is possible for you to rent a car to keep you mobilized. If you think this is covered by your insurance, then think again. Your insurance policy only covers expenses for one rental if you have coverage and if you decided on this special coverage when the policy was bought. In addition, make sure you know what kind of coverage for rental automobiles you are buying because there are daily and maximum limits.

If i buy a bright colored automobile, my insurance will cost more-False. The color of your car makes no difference in the premium cost of your auto insurance. The different insurance companies qualify conductors based on different factors or consideration but never by the color of the automobile. Factors like your driving history, credit record, the year, make, and model of your vehicle and how long have you been with this company are a few principle factors that are taken in order to determine the cost of auto insurance.

If i have things in my vehicle and it is robbed, my automobile insurance will cover it-Think again. Your automobile insurance policy does not cover your personal property within the automobile. Many times, if you have home insurance or rental insurance, you could be covered but never with a standard car insurance policy.

My auto insurance will cover me if I am a food delivery driver– If you are a food delivery driver, you should get coverage as one under employment insurance policy or obtaining a business/commercial policy. If you submit a claim and the insurance company finds out that you make deliveries using your vehicle, not only can you be charged with insurance fraud (for using the car for a distinct purpose differently from what was declared) but also, that company most likely will deny payment for the claim.

My credit score has no effect on my insurance premium-False. The majority of companies use your credit score as a qualification factor which slightly affects your insurance premium. You can ask why your credit score affects the cost of your insurance policy, but there have been varies studies done that show correlation between the probability that someone with bad credit presents more claims through the Insurance Companies. It may seem unfair, but there are other ways available to improve your insurance premium without having to improve your credit rate.

There are hundreds of misconceptions about the insurance market. The best way to protect yourself as a consumer is investigating the company and review your policy before you purchase it. If you currently have a policy, do not hesitate to call your agent or insurance company to ask questions or get better explanations on your coverage.

Auto Insurance Quotes

Automobile Insurance Quotes in Florida

Auto Insurance Info

Car Insurance Miami

If you are asking for car insurance quotes in Florida, that means you have taken the first step in order to save up to $500 per year on your car insurance. Asking for quotes does not have to be a long or tedious process especially if you have informative agents working to help you get the most out of your money. There are excellent internet sources targeted to do just that. On, we are here to assist and allow you to do the following:

1. Investigate different automobile insurances in Florida.

2. Investigate automobile insurance companies in Florida.

3. Compare agents and insurance companies in order to find the best rate.

The first step to finding the lowest rate for insurance in Florida is to investigate.

Which companies offer me policies? How do these companies compare to competition in terms of client service? Finally, how can i acquire an insurance through this company at a fair rate? Being informed helps you answer any questions with certainty pertaining to personal protection and protection of your assets. Most importantly it will come at the rate you feel is the lowest price available for you.

Information you will need to know before asking around for insurance quotes

There are certain basic information that you must have with the purpose of obtaining the best precise price available. First the information of the conductor is needed. Who will be on this policy? You need to be able to answer basic information like having a driver’s license to drive, date of birth, etc.

Later you will need vehicle information you wish to insure. The best way to do this is to have the VIN number and registration in hand. Finally but not any less important, what level of coverage are you looking for? Certainly you aim to pay a lesser amount monthly for insurance. Keep in mind sometimes paying for the cheapest available option is not always the wisest. The agent will help you determine what is best for you if you choose to listen to other but better available options that are reasonable.

Before buying or submitting an application, you should make sure to revise it one more time to make sure you understand all of the policy content. There have been many past experience of customers who assumed they had “total coverage” or coverage for automobile but in fact, it was not included in their policy. You do not want this to happen to you so take your time.

Educate yourself like a consumer in order to find the best price for insurance

To find the lowest price for automobile insurance does not have to be a headache if you use the tools that are infront of you educating yourself as a consumer. A continuation of additional resources are provided to the consumer to assure that they are receiving what they need.

• Better Business Bureau
• Florida Office of Insurance Regulation


Tips for Finding a Cheap Car Insurance

Cheap Car Insurance Made Easy

Many people search the web for cheap car insurance opportunities but they never find a direct answer. Here you’ll find some attainable options for lowering car insurance costs.

Don’t make the mistake of going after the policy that offers you the least coverage just to save money, this might end up costing you more money down the line and the quality of your car insurance will be compromised.

Instead, searching can help you find a cheap car insurance that does not require you to sacrifice price for quality. Below you will find some suggestions on how to get a cheap car insurance, let me know if they work for you as well:

1. Compare different Car Insurance Rates

Start with your current insurance provider. Often times they are able to give you discounts for having an active policy with them. However, sometimes to get cheap car insurance rates it is necessary to get quotes from other insurance companies and compare prices. As expected, this search will lead you to discover new insurance companies and opportunities for cheap car insurance.

2. Bundle Discounts

Most insurance companies will lower your insurance premium if you bundle your insurances. You can see a significant price reduction if you purchase your car insurance and home insurance from the same insurance company. For homeowners this is an easy way to get a cheap car insurance for both your home and car.

3. Increase your Deductible

An increase in your deductible of a few hundred dollars can have a strong impact on your monthly premium. However, keep in mind that the higher the deductible, the more out of pocket money needed in the event of an insurance claim.

4. Ask for Available Discounts

Are you a student at at college or university and have a 3.0GPA? Do you own a home? Do you park your car in an indoor garage? the answer to these questions might help you qualify for a cheap car insurance. Contact your insurance agent directly to ask which discounts are available for you.

5. Clean Driving Record

Keeping a clean driving history will ensure you always qualify for cheap car insurance. If you have a history of speeding tickets and accidents you are considered a high risk and this will make your insurance rates higher.

6. Get Rid of Unnecessary Coverage

If your car already costs less than the value of your car insurance, it might be a good time to drop the costs of you comprehensive and collision coverage. Also, if you already have a good health insurance plan, then don’t pay extra for personal injury protection.

Don’t give up on your quest for a cheap car insurance

These were just some suggestions to help you in your mission. The most important thing is to move in the right direction and to ask the professionals for help when there is something you don’t understand.